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  • Virtually All ( more than 98% ) - Of Our Picks Go Up
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  • We Use Sensible Low-Risk Strategies
  • Have Realistic Hold Times
  • Use Achievable Price Targets
  • Follow U.S. Exchange Listed Stocks Only
  • Offer Mid Month Hot Picks
  • Plus Famous 15 New Year Picks
  • Offer Analytical Commentary & Updates
  • Have Archived Previous Picks
  • Plus Unmatched Accuracy
  • Due to Charles Heaths' 30+ Years Experience

And, you can expect us to present to you :

  1. Companies with rock solid balance sheets
  2. Abundant cash position on hand
  3. Strong competent executive management teams
  4. Company financials showing no or low debt loads
  5. Breakthrough technology and or unique discoveries
  6. Many doing business in a global niche sector with dominant market opportunities
  7. With very positive news releases

Plus .. Our picks will ..

  • Exhibit clear repetitive predictive market trading patterns
  • Put out regularly significant press releases
  • Exhibit minimal short-term trading risk
  • Be globally sector and category competitive
  • Trade significant average daily trading volume
  • Offer new products, technology, developments, global mergers, or acquisitions
  • And is a great rock solid stock pick with a price under $5.00 per share


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